Work your Cardio!

Lauren and I spent yesterday afternoon in front of the X-box. But instead of kicking alien butt in Halo 2, we were the ones getting our butts kicked by Maya, the innocent looking personal trainer of Yourself Fitness. The game will utilize whatever props you have around the house (hand weights, step, exercise balls, etc), and target a 45-60 minute workout for cardio, flexibility, upper, or lower body workout. Yesterday we did the upper body workout with hand weights. In 45 minutes I was more worn down than from my normal 90 minute gym run. Maya provides inspiration (“work your cardio!”), but is also relentless (“I want you to feel muscle fatigue with this one”, “do it right!”). She never needs more than 10 seconds of rest, so why should you? While I was skeptical at first, I must say that it’s a killer workout, and awfully convenient to fit into your schedule.

In related news, it seems Dance Dance Revolution has gotten recent press on its health benefits, and is even being used in child weight studies. While I can see DDR working your cardio, after experiencing nonstop sets of lunges, squats, and curls, I’d put my money on Maya in a head-to-head jelly your muscles competition.

2 thoughts on “Work your Cardio!

  1. Chris

    Prepare to be very, very frustrated by Yourself Fitness, though.
    I’ve been using it about 5 times a week since January and it has provided a good workout but there are some glaring bugs
    1) sometimes, rest periods will be skipped, so you have 2 long periods of the same workout in a row. Especially susceptible are Heel Jacks
    2) After you workout, it shows you how many calories you burned, unless you did a new exercise during your workout, which in the beginning is quite often

    The program def has benefits, I just wish these problems were fixed before being released


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