Who wants to work on Indigo? I do!

A couple of things attracted me to the Indigo team 3+ years ago. First was getting to work on a fully multi-threaded, asynchronous distributed platform, and the technical challenges inherent in such a project. The second was helping design interoperable WS-* protocols and work with other vendors to get our platforms to interoperate. But most important was the story behind the fly codename, which goes like this:

In the beginning there was a Web Services project at Microsoft started under the codename “Green”. Then on a sunny day in the fall of 2000, inspiration struck. Two of the founding members of Green (Robert Wahbe and John Shewchuk) were driving on 101 south of Mountain View and passed the following billboard:

Indigo Billboard

Robert and John knew they had found a winner. They returned to Redmond with the new codename proposal and it has stuck to this day.

If you want to help me, Don Box, Brad Lovering, Martin Gudgin, Steve Maine, Mike Vernal, Doug Purdy, and others ship Indigo, we currently have about 20 jobs available in development, test, and program management.

4 thoughts on “Who wants to work on Indigo? I do!

  1. Kenny

    Sean, I’ll take a look at your issue tomorrow. For quicker turnaround on future issues, feel free to use one of our public forums.

    Uday, there will be some good documentation on channels in Beta 1. Until then, I’ll do what I can to blog about some channels information. If there’s particular issues you’re curious about, please let me know.

  2. Charles


    you mean….

    you are trying to tell me…..

    that MS got an idea for a Product from the Macintosh?


    ….. that would just never ever happen.


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