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Molly Moon's Ice Cream (Seattle, WA)


It’s summertime, which in Seattle means post-9PM sunsets, and temperatures that finally break 70 degrees. Perfect time of year to try out the new ice cream haunts around town.

This afternoon my friends from Greenlake introduced me to Molly Moon’s ice cream shop in Wallingford. It’s right on the main drag near Bottleworks and the big QFC. Molly Moon opened in May and is all about local ingredients (mostly organic), compostable bowls/flatware, and creative flavors.

With a group of 3, I was able to sample 6 of their 16 flavors: honey lavender, thai iced tea, balsamic strawberry, salted caramel, "scout" mint (they added the quotes, not me), and chocolate. They all had a good texture (medium-creamy), and all of them tasted as advertised, but most of the flavors were too overwhelming. These are ice creams that don’t hold back. Thai iced tea was effectively a solidified version of the condensed milk cocktail. The salted caramel was jam-packed with salt and caramel, and while I really enjoyed it, I could only handle a few bites. Molly is at her best on the basics – the chocolate and strawberry were my favorites of the bunch.

If you’re in the area, Molly Moon’s is a friendly place to stop on a warm day and grab an ice cream and/or an espresso (with Vivace beans). I’m glad to see a real ice-cream shop opening as opposed to the set of recent Pinkberry-knockoffs. And if Molly can adapt her recipes to a more subtle, nuanced approach then this shop can become a standout.

My apologies for the lack of pictures. My lovely photographer was out of town this weekend.

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream Shop 
1622 1/2 N 45th Street
Seattle, WA 98103

Daily: noon-11:00PM

P.S. They are working on getting pints into local grocery stores as well, stay tuned.

Mondo Gelato (Vancouver, BC)


We were in Vancouver this weekend to celebrate Kara’s birthday. When I come to Vancouver, we often have crepes and we usually have sushi.  But I always make sure that we stop by Mondo Gelato at least once per visit. They have over a hundred good-looking flavors…



We ordered a small cup (2 scoops) with Dark Chocolate and Indian Mango.  They had a delectable, creamy texture.  I love darker chocolates and Mondo’s fit that bill without being too bitter (it was similar to, though slightly darker than, the chocolate gelato at Vios). It paired well with the Indian Mango, which brought back memories of beach-side fresh fruit in Vietnam.



Next time you find yourself in Vancouver (or San Diego, Hawaii, or Beijing it turns out), stop by Mondo and get yourself a taste of Italy!

Mondo Gelato 
1222 Robson Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6E 1C1

Fun fact: gelato (at least at Mondo) has 25% less calories than sorbetto (and only 10% more than their frozen yogurt)

WF/WCF July MSDN Webcasts

Starting last month, MSDN put together a regular series of webcasts on WCF and WF (focusing on .Net 3.5).  Here are the talks being broadcast in July:

July 7th, 10:00AM (PST)
Transactional Windows Communication Foundation Services with Juval Lowy

July 9th, 10:00AM (PST)
Using Windows Workflow Foundation to Build Services with Jon Flanders

July 11th, 10:00AM (PST)
WCF Extensibility Deep Dive with Jesus Rodriguez

July 18th, 10:00AM (PST)
SharePoint Server and WCF with Joe Klug