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Pizzeria Mea Culpa (Dubrovnik, Croatia)


There are four main food groups in Dubrovnik: pizza, pasta, seafood, and ice cream. In the pizza department, Mea Culpa is a stand-out. Cheap, large, and yummy. For 42 kuna (~5 euro), we had a mushroom and onion pizza that was big enough to feed both of us and still take almost half of it home for later!

No pictures since we came directly from the beach 🙂

Pizzeria Mea Culpa
Široka Street
Dubrovnik, Croatia
+ 385 20 324-74

Daily: 8:30AM-10:00PM

Marvelosa (Budapest, Hungary)


On our way to Castle Hill from the tram stop, Lauren noticed a fun cafe with with plush "tea-time" seating and good looking menu. We took note of the location, and after passing on the uninteresting post-museum lunch choices up in the old town we returned to Marvelosa to enjoy a relaxing lunch.

Marvelosa is open in front and has a loft-style second floor. A local at the next table was sitting alone with his laptop and the free wireless access.

Lauren ordered the daily ‘menu’, a two course meal consisting of soup and dessert.  The soup was a spring vegetable with cream, shredded cheese, and some crunchy/salty nuggets. It was refreshing, flavorful, and (especially for Hungary) not too heavy.


I asked the waitress for her favorite chicken dish, and received chicken and potatoes with pesto. This dish was in the same genre as many chicken dishes we’ve had in Budapest: grill some chicken a little longer than necessary, then add it to a thick cream-based sauce. I enjoyed the pesto and the generous helping of chicken. The side dish was authentic Hungarian — chopped up boiled potatoes. 😛


The second course of Lauren’s menu was a peach pudding cake. The Hungarians definitely know their baked goods. The peach pudding had lots of fresh peach chunks in a thick custard/cakey innard. This was surrounded by a genoise outer layer and finished with powdered sugar and peach sauce. It was incredible. I never knew I could enjoy a peach cake so much!



Café Marvelosa
13 Lanchid Street
Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 2019221

Sat-Sun 10:00AM-2:00PM (Brunch)
Daily: 8:30AM-10:00PM (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)