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Crazy Dreams

Last night I had a very strange dream….

I was in a large room doing a dry run for a PDC talk where I was code monkey-ing for Barack Obama. The organizers were expressing concern about low turnout since Barack had never given a PDC talk and they were considering swapping roles to have me headline with Barack code monkey-ing in order to increase turnout.

Wonder what’s been on my mind this month?

Do we live in a Scrabulous world?

My favorite Facebook app (which has been one heck of a time sink) is scrabulous. It’s great to play scrabble as a disconnected game and Facebook has the perfect environment to mix this with your friends.  However, I always wondered when Hasbro was going to take an axe to this brand-free effort. Turns out that after many months (and many, many users), Hasbro is trying to shut down Scrabulous. Hopefully they come to their senses and simply buy them out or license their brand (perhaps for a cut of the ad revenues)….

Congrats Babajob!

I’m very proud of my friend Sean. For as long as I can remember, Sean has been very passionate about the “social” aspects of computing, He has been living in India for the past few years, and was inspired to apply social computing to help India’s poor. And today Babajob received front page coverage in the International Herald Tribune. Congrats Sean!