Monthly Archives: September 2006

Setting Credentials for your HTTP Proxy

This question came up a few times while I was away for my honeymoon: “If I am using BasicHttpBinding or WsHttpBinding, how do I setup the credentials for my proxy?”

In my earlier post on HTTP proxies I noted that all of our transport security implementations (including HTTP proxy authentication) leverage the shared WCF-wide credential provisioning framework. As a result, it’s pretty straightforward to configure your proxy credentials. I think what trips people up is that we don’t have a separate “ProxyCredentials” object. Rather, both the proxy authentication and the ultimate server authentication access credentials from the same location (such as ChannelFactory.Credentials).

One limitation of this approach is that if you are using the same authentication scheme for your proxy and your server, then you have to use the same credentials (e.g. the same username and password for Basic Auth). This was a concious tradeoff we made for V1. If any of you have a scenario that is broken by this limitation I’d love to hear about it.