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Khan Chacha (Delhi, India)


For dinner on our first night in Delhi, Meera recommended that we try out Khan Chacha, a hole in the wall that serves grilled meats either straight up or as roomali rolls. A roomali roll is meat with onions and yogurt sauce wrapped in a large roomali roti.


There are basically three choices at Khan Chacha – Seekh Kebab (ground mutton), Chicken Tikka, or Paneer Tikka. Normally 1-2 rolls make a meal. Given that this was my last meal before Yom Kippur (and I didn’t really have a proper lunch), I ordered one of each roomali roll. Lauren had the chicken and paneer tikka rolls.

They were absolutely delicious! The Seekh Kebab was the spiciest and got me sweating a bit. The chicken was charred, very flavorful, and medium spiciness. The paneer offered a softer texture variation along with very mild spices.

So far this is my favorite “fast food” in the region, and we’ll be sure to come back on our return trip through Delhi!

The Salim brothers at work making kebabs

Happiness is double fisting Seekh Kebab and Chicken Tikka rolls

Khan Chacha
New Delhi, India

Grimaldi’s (Brooklyn, NY)


One of the things I crave when coming to NYC is pizza. In particular, Brooklyn pizza. When I was last in Brooklyn with my father we went to Di Fara and Totonno’s. Both were fantastic, though we didn’t get to try out the third famous heavyweight of Brooklyn – Patsy Grimaldi’s. Today we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to correct that omission.

Grimaldi’s flagship location is located in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn, just on the other side of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. Walking down Fulton St, you will see the line outside Grimaldi’s from a few blocks away. On line, the owner will ask the size of your party and then fill tables to maximize people, which often means that 4-person parties get a table long before the couples.  Either way, the line moves pretty quickly. And once you’re inside, the pizza you get is more than worth the wait.

All of Grimaldi’s pizza are cooked in a 1200 degree coal-fired brick oven, which turns around a cheese pizza in about 3 minutes. The crust is crispy, chewy, and a little smoky; absolutely perfect. Don’t be deceived by the sparse looking mozzarella cheese. The mildly sweet tomato sauce hides the fact that underneath is a full layer of deliciously flavorful mozzarella that comes from free range cows and is worlds better than the flavorless mozzarella you get from your local supermarket.

Overall we had a great time and awesome pizza at Grimaldi’s. Is it the best pizza in New York? possibly. But I’ll have to conduct a Brooklyn pizza faceoff across Di Fara, Totonno’s, and Grimaldi’s to know for sure 🙂


Side-note: It looks like Grimaldi’s has opened a number of franchises in the Southwest. I’m always a little skeptical about quality control in moves like this, so I will personally be restricting my Grimaldi’s visits to the Brooklyn location.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
19 Old Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
11:30AM-11:00PM Sun-Thurs
11:30AM-midnight Fri-Sat