Monthly Archives: February 2009

Anchovies and Olives (Seattle, WA)


Last night Gio, Lauren, and I checked out the very newly opened Anchovies and Olives. Nothing on the website, all we knew is that it was the latest addition to Ethan Stowell’s growing list of Seattle eateries (Union, Tavolata, How to Cook a Wolf).

It’s located in the Pike/Pine corridor, which seems to be the latest hotbed for new Capitol Hill restaurants. Look up the address in advance, as it’s very easy to just walk right on by.  Inside, the decor is fairly generic, with an open kitchen that feels more Food Network-y than enticing. 

Staff was very friendly, though a bit pushy and only marginally helpful with the menu. Turns out that the menu is entirely seafood, mostly fish.  I personally love seafood, but have some friends that don’t and for them dinner would be relegated to foccacia and wine (though there are worse things in life).

Overall the food was just ok. The fish, cooked in aluminum foil to “bring out the flavors” was still pretty bland. Gio’s scallops were fine, but forgettable.  Prices are mid-range, around $40-$50pp for food and wine. Overall it was an uninspiring experience, especially with the likes of Lark, Presse, and Spinasse right around the corner. It’s possible that our experience reflected some early-opening jitters, let me know if you have a distinctly better experience.

P.S. My apologies for a lack of pictures recently. Our Elph has been finicky lately, but a new one is on the way!

Anchovies and Olives
1550 15th Ave.
Seattle, WA

Dinner: Daily 5:00PM-midnight

Oddfellows Cafe and Bar(Seattle, WA)


Lauren, Gio, and I went to check out Linda and Ericka’s new partnership at the Oddfellows Cafe and Bar

It’s a large space with rows of closely packed tables for a communal feel. Very high ceilings and buzz without being overwhelmingly loud. Service was friendly, though slow. You go to Oddfellows to hang out leisurely, not for a quick meal.

We started with the Fig and Ricotta Brioche, which was a fine snack but nothing special. The Mac & Cheese was smoky, creamy, and definitely took the edge off of my hunger.

Lauren and I had the chicken salad sandwich, served on a fresh baguette and very tasty (and messy!). We also had the beet salad which is served with chevre,  candied hazelnuts, and mixed greens. The beets were flavorful and the salad was reminiscent of the one I’ve had many times at Volunteer Park Cafe. Gio seemed ecstatic with his pulled pork sandwich.  I stole a bite and understood why he was so happy.

For dessert, we had a pear bread pudding. I’m often disappointed with bread pudding, but was pleasantly surprised tonight. It was more souffle-like then I expected, and made for a satisfying conclusion to an enjoyable meal.

Oddfellows Cafe and Bar
1525 10th Ave (at Pine)
Seattle, WA 98122

Daily: 7:00AM-Late (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)