Mondo Gelato (Vancouver, BC)


We were in Vancouver this weekend to celebrate Kara’s birthday. When I come to Vancouver, we often have crepes and we usually have sushi.  But I always make sure that we stop by Mondo Gelato at least once per visit. They have over a hundred good-looking flavors…



We ordered a small cup (2 scoops) with Dark Chocolate and Indian Mango.  They had a delectable, creamy texture.  I love darker chocolates and Mondo’s fit that bill without being too bitter (it was similar to, though slightly darker than, the chocolate gelato at Vios). It paired well with the Indian Mango, which brought back memories of beach-side fresh fruit in Vietnam.



Next time you find yourself in Vancouver (or San Diego, Hawaii, or Beijing it turns out), stop by Mondo and get yourself a taste of Italy!

Mondo Gelato 
1222 Robson Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6E 1C1

Fun fact: gelato (at least at Mondo) has 25% less calories than sorbetto (and only 10% more than their frozen yogurt)

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