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Releasing the Indigo Preview has involved a mix of excitement and angst. It’s great to be able to talk publicly about a product I’ve toiled so long on. Yet I’m most curious (and I’ll admit, a little nervous) to hear what parts of Indigo users really like and, just as important, those areas where we’ve fallen short.

Fortunately we have 2 great areas for you to provide feedback:

  • The Indigo newsgroup (microsoft.public.windows.developer. winfx.indigo). Posts are being actively monitored by both the product team and other Indigo early adopters. It’s a great forum for asking questions about your prototypes or having a general discussion about Indigo design patterns.
  • Ladybug (more formally known as the “MSDN Product Feedback Center”) is available for reporting bugs, making suggestions, and tracking feedback. Bugs filed here make it back to us in development so that we can fix them! Remember to choose “Indigo” in the Product/Technology dropdown when you enter your issue.

So take a spin, and please let us know what you think. Operators (or at least developers, PMs, and testers playing the role of operators) really are standing by.

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