"12" at the top of the Needle

Ever since Lauren and I decided to get married at the Space Needle, we’ve been looking at it a little more often. The other day we noticed a blue and white flag with a “12” on it. We had no idea what it meant. After a little research this morning I discovered that “the Seattle Seahawks 12th Man Flag, a fixture at Qwest Field’s south endzone, has been raised atop the Space Needle to salute Seahawks fans and the team during the NFL playoffs. On December 15, 1984, the Seahawks officially retired jersey #12 in honor of their fans, the 12th Man.”

Turns out that the 12th Man is common terminology in American football for the home team crowd.

Seahawks 12th Man Flag on top of the Space Needle

2 thoughts on “"12" at the top of the Needle

  1. Lynn

    LOL! I work in Seattle and have a view of the needle from my office window. I just asked my boss the same thing, b/c I didn’t know either. I felt pretty silly. I wish that I would have found your post first.


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