Kenny Food Ratings

At Lauren’s suggestion, I’ve added a quick “Kenny food rating” to the beginning of my restaurant reviews/overview page. They follow a “Kenny” scale as follows:

: The dreaded “dead Kenny”. Would not go there ever again. Would tell people to avoid this place.

: Average run-of-the-mill, so-so joint. Better than McDonald’s/Burger King, but doesn’t leave any memorable impression.

: Good neighborhood place. Would think of this place if I was in that neighborhood.

: Would seek this place out from another neighborhood. Distinctive food, and good service. Would recommend to out of towners when visiting.

: One of the top places in a city. Unique and high quality food, comfortable and fun environment. Often an “experience”. These are the first places that come to mind when hosting out-of-towners.

Worth traveling from another city for. Not just a meal, but an “experience”.

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