Back From PDC: Have some code!

While others were able to get a number of blog entries together, I spent the majority of my time at the conference either talking to customers, or in final preparation for my talk on Channel Extensibility.

Messaging over RFC 1149Yasser and I went through the basics of extending the channel layer to write a custom transport and a custom layered channel. I walked through writing a custom TCP-based transport channel. I then adapted that channel to interop with WSE 3.0 Beta. I’ve posted the code (along with a brief README) here. As time permits I’ll walkthrough the important pieces in future posts.

Yasser covered writing a custom layered channel (also called a “protocol channel”). He wrote a “chunking channel” that allowed you to fragment a Message into a number of smaller messages (the maximum size of which is controlled through a quota). These chunks would get reassembled on the receiving side, which then enables streaming scenarios over buffered transports. Other implications include that you can use WS-Security (and WS-RM) in conjunction with chunking to reliably and securely stream data over any transport. Very powerful. Code for the chunking channel to be posted in the next few days.

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