Robinson Crusoe Parental Unit

Thanks to everyone for your concerns about my Dad who’s in Slidell, LA (on the north shore). He’s alive and well and performing much needed emergency work down there.

They got hit pretty hard by Katrina, but Slidell Memorial Hospital (where my Dad was working during the storm) made it through the storm still standing, and everyone inside was ok. Landlines and cell towers are still down, but I get bits of information through my step-mom who evacuated a few hundred miles away.

This is where I take a moment to share just how amazing my father is. Not only has he been patching the injured up as they arrive in droves (he’s a general surgeon), but when the generator at the hospital went down, he got out his tools and fixed that too! That brought air conditioning and hot water support to the hospital. (Dad was able to reward himself with a hot shower :)). Then, during breaks between surgery, he went back to his house (which had a tree fall on it, but miraculously didn’t take water), and fixed up the roof. I can’t imagine a more awesome father than Gary J Wolf. Dad, I love you and I’m continually amazed and proud. Keep up the great work!

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