Mail Order Fiancée

This weekend my Dad asked me when I was going to post about kidnapping Lauren away to Victoria two weeks ago and (what he was really driving at) that we got engaged while we were up there.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I wanted to take a little time to call my friends and family first to tell them personally. However, the grace period is now over (and for those following Lauren’s blog this is already day old news :)). Everyone’s been warning me that it’s going to be madness logistically, but so far we’ve made some decent progress on logistics and it hasn’t been too bad. I’m taking that as a good sign 😉 Very exciting times.

Anyways, I was updating LL’s caption on my blogroll and did a quick google search on "fiancée" to steal an accented e. Little did I guess that help would materialize in the form of a Russian brides site advertising "Fiancée Visa Packages". Crazy stuff.

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