Ice Cream 7/9: Bluebird Homemade Ice Cream and Tea Room


A few weeks ago, a hand written sign on the storefront next to Samadhi Yoga on 12th and Pike announced the imminent arrival of “Bluebird Ice Cream’”.  I certainly love ice cream, and Capitol Hill could use a solid addition to Molly Moon to satisfy our neighborhood cravings. Thursday was opening night, and we were already conveniently nearby after dinner.


Turns out that Bluebird is not only an ice cream shop, but also serves a variety of teas and sandwiches. They are very big on “going local” with their menu and ingredients. The free beer for opening night was from the Elysian (a few buildings up Pike), and the coffee is from Stumptown (around the corner on 12th Ave). Both of those 2 locations are features in ice cream flavors as well. While the sandwich menu looked good, I’ll have report back on the food another time, as Thursday night was all about the ice cream.


We had Elysian Stout and Northwest Strawberry. Bluebird’s ice creams have great texture and are full-flavored without going overboard. The Stout ice cream was amazing, with undertones of coffee and chocolate. I expect it to be a flagship of Bluebird’s given the combination uniqueness and deliciousness. Strawberry tasted very fresh, and reminded me of a version I’ve made at home. Get it while the berries are still in season!


We lounged on the couches and then checked out the adjacent artist loft. Everyone was very friendly, and the space was cozy and welcoming. Overall Bluebird exceeded my expectations, and I think they’ll more than hold their own against other Capitol Hill ice cream choices. I look forward to stopping by for a quick snack, or lingering over tea and sandwiches.


Bluebird Homemade Ice Cream and Tea Room
1205 E Pike St, Suite 1A
Seattle, WA 98122
[hours forthcoming]

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