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Lauren and I were talking about street food the other day, and she heard about a new truck that served “Korean tacos” called the Marination Mobile. They are currently in Capitol Hill a few nights each week at the Shell station on Pike and Broadway. Last night we stopped by to check it out. We coincidentally arrived right as they opened, but a line formed quickly thereafter:


Marination Mobile serves 4 types of tacos, various SPAM products (I know, I’m skeptical too, but supposedly they’re awesome), quesadillas and a rice bowl. From their website:

Marination’s grub melts Korean heat and aloha love together in corn tortillas, and also in your mouth

Tacos – two warm corn tortillas stuffed with your choice of sweet and savory kalbi, luscious pork, spicy chicken, or sexy tofu (that’s right, we said sexy tofu) and topped with our saucy, tangy, crunchy signature slaw

Miso ginger chicken – You don’t need an explanation of this brilliant marriage of simplicity, right? It’s miso ginger chicken. It’s love and soul and flavor. It’s ginger and miso and chicken. ‘Til death do they part.

Kimchi Quesadilla – a really good thing with another really good thing plus jalapenos and kalua pork. Believe


We ordered a kimchi quesadilla and 4 tacos (kalbi beef and miso ginger chicken for me, miso ginger chicken and tofu for Lauren). The staff were very friendly and happy to answer questions. Orders were served very quickly, roughly on par with how long you’d wait at a Mexican taco truck. Then it was time to settle in curbside and see if the food lived up to the hype.


The quesadilla was amazing! This one had pork in it, but I was informed that they sometimes have a vegetarian version as well. If you like kimchi, you will love this quesadilla. It goes very well with the pork + japapenos + spicy sauce. Juicy, crunchy, and immensely satisfying.


As much as I enjoyed the quesadilla, tacos are king at the Marination Mobile. Kalbi beef reminded me a lot of the Maui ribs from the Golden Steer in Bellevue. Miso ginger chicken was moist and deliciously Asian fusion. All of the meats had clearly been marinating for an extended period of time. Even the tofu taco was very impressive


The hype about Marination Mobile is well deserved. Lauren and I both woke up today salivating over last night’s meal. Fortunately they’ll be back in our neighborhood again next week!

Marination Mobile
Roaming Location (check their website/twitter page)
Seattle, WA

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