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I had my first Specialty’s experience downtown with my buddy Mark. I was on jury duty and the weekday lunch rush was controlled mayhem in action. I don’t recall the sandwich I ordered that day, though I will never forget the Wheatgerm Chocolate Chip cookie. I wouldn’t have ever chosen it from the description, but at Mark’s recommendation I gave it a shot, and wow! It’s very possible that they have crack in them. They really will make your day brighter.

Specialty’s makes all of their own cookies (and bread and other baked goods) on site. They sell soups, salads, and sandwiches.  The salads and sandwiches are made fresh to order.

Lauren and I were at Bell Square tonight after work, so we stopped off at the Specialty’s branch there for dinner.  While I’ve gone through a number of their sandwiches, I always come back to "The Chairman", a stacked sandwich with (deep breath now):

Alfalfa Sprouts, Herb, Mayonnaise, Stone Ground Mustard, Roasted Turkey Breast, Swiss, Green Leaf Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Cucumber, Dill Pickle, Avocado, Italian Vinaigrette, Ranch Dressing, Black Pepper.

All served on herbed bread with a soft middle and a crisp crust.


If you have a hankering for a good sandwich (or cookie) and are near a Specialty’s, you should definitely check it out!


Specialty’s Cafe and Bakery
Multiple Locations

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner


P.S. I’ve been lobbying the Microsoft powers that be for a Specialty’s stand at one of our cafeterias. Unfortunately that process is stalled since they aren’t considered a "local" business (nevermind that 40% of their locations are in Seattle). Perhaps this will get corrected if they here from more Specialty’s fans 🙂

4 thoughts on “Specialty's Cafe and Bakery

  1. Cindy Crater

    Kenny –

    Kenny –
    Someone just sent your Specialty posting to us yesterday. Im so happy to hear you enjoyed your
    specialty experience, especially the Wheatgerm Chocolate Chip Cookie (my favorite too!) We appreciate
    your kind words. Please call if there is anything I can ever do for you. I enjoyed reading your other postings as well. I spent this week in Seattle. The new Microsoft building in Bellevue is beautiful and almost complete. We are so enthusiatic about having you so close to our 500 108th Ave, Bellevue location. We are delivering to Redmond daily. Will you be working from the new Bellevue location.
    I hope to have an opportunity to met you soon!!

    Warm Regards –
    Cindy Crater
    Director of Sales
    Specialtys Cafe & Bakery
    cell -415-747-2346

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