Jamjuree (Seattle, WA)


When it comes to Thai food, we are very fortunate: less than 2 blocks from our condo is arguably the best Thai food in Seattle. Yes, I’ve done a tournament for Thai Tom, and I enjoy Thai Tom and all of their unique flavors.  But if I was given a choice and forced to eat at only one Thai restaurant for a year, I would choose Jamjuree. They have a broad variety of fantastic dishes, very friendly service, rotating specials, and (as a bonus) a selection of local microbrews on tap. They can also handle large parties, such as my extended family descending upon Seattle or a hungry crew for Yom Kippur break-fast.

It’s really shocking that I haven’t written about Jamjuree yet. Lauren and I eat at (or take out from) there a few times per month. After a vacation, it’s almost a given that I’ll return with a huge Jamjuree craving (perhaps coming back from Thailand will be an exception there :)).

Tonight we remembered to bring the camera and enjoyed a few favorites.  On the spice level, I order everything here at "3 stars".  In addition, we request the "spices" (a trio of Thai flavors) on the side for selective added flavor. First up, we always order their amazing Pad See Iw.  I have a soft spot for wide rice noodles, and Jamjuree’s rendition of Pad See Iw is the best I’ve ever had.


Dish#2: Panang Curry. A little creamy from the coconut milk with a peanuty overtone (though I’ve been assured there aren’t actually any peanuts in the curry).


Dish #3: In honor of the write-up, we ordered a third item for dinner – "Green Bean" with tofu. It’s a nice contrast to the curries, and has more of a soy-pepper base. Lots of sauce, but the green beans remained nice and crunchy.


Other recurring favorites include "Basil", Cashew Chicken, and Lime Light Chicken.

Overall, another highly satisfying meal at Jamjuree. And the leftovers will make for a great snack tomorrow!

509 15th Ave. E. (between Republican and Mercer)
Seattle, WA 98112

Sun-Thurs: 11:30AM-9:30PM (Lunch & Dinner)
Fri-Sat: 11:30AM-10:00PM (Lunch & Dinner)

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  1. seadevi

    If you are nearer to broadway than home, I recommend Rom Mai Thai. The family that runs the place is super nice and the food is tasty – the only true 5 star hot noodle dishes I’ve had in Seattle.

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