Where in the US is Kenny Wolf?

I know all the “cool kids” did this about a year ago, but I only now discovered the site where you create your own visited states map.

Mine looks like this:

Though I’ll be marking Alaska red in about 6 weeks on a cruise ship with the family. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Where in the US is Kenny Wolf?

  1. Esper

    I’m kind of surprised that you have never been to Hawaii. Oh yeah, I just remembered…you were suppose to take me to Hawaii! What is up with that?

  2. Nathan

    Maybe you need to come visit me over the Holidays in lovely, lovely Zionsville, IN!

    On second thought, Miami is so much nicer in December.

  3. Kenny

    Don’t worry sperky, we’ll get to Hawaii — you free this fall? 🙂

    Nathan, how could I resist the pictures you paint of Zionsville! I would love to check out your hometown, but not during this year’s x-mas time as I’ll be in Buenos Aires!


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