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LL with dessertFor the past few Tuesdays Lauren and I have been taking a “Big Fat Jewish Wedding” class at UW Hillel. Our weekly tradition includes a pre-class meal in the U-District. Last week on our way to Caspian Grill we saw that a Café Crêpe had opened on the Ave. This is part the same mini-chain from Vancouver that have a number of branches around Robson St. I had enjoyed those in the past so tonight we stopped in before class.

Overall is was so-so. The service was friendly and quick, though there is zero ambiance in the place — just some empty white tables in a sterile undecorated room. We chose a spinach, mushroom, and emmenthal crêpe from the very small menu. The mushrooms were raw, the crêpe itself was too thick, the one saving grace was gooey melted emmenthal.

The dessert crêpe (strawberries and chocolate) was better, though again the crêpe was too thick. But it was strawberries and chocolate and so we polished it off 🙂

Café Crêpe would do in a pinch, but I’ll be continuing my search for a good Seattle “fast crêpe” (a la Crêpes A-Go-Go).

Café Crêpe
4508 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

UPDATE: Café Crêpe has closed this location (seems I wasn’t the only one with a ho-hum experience)

3 thoughts on “Café Crêpe (Seattle, WA)

  1. kathaleen

    Hi, Stop by the RiverHouse Creperie next time you are near Alki! I am sure you will be pleased! Recently reviewed by Seattle Picks and Seattle Weekly. Very cute (but small) space with a varied menu and great customer service.

    Kathaleen – Owner
    RiverHouse Creperie
    3400 Harbor Ave SW
    Seattle, Wa 98126

  2. kerry

    Thanks to all Cafe Crepe customers from Washington State, Seattle, and further afar for your patronage at our stores in Vancouver, Toronto and Santa Monica.

    For the record, Cafe Crepe (the original from Vancouver) has never opened or operated in Seattle – which of course, we would like to do so at some point in the near future. The restaurant referred to in your review violated our trademark and unlawfully operated using our logo, menus, and so forth. We regret the confusion this may have caused – and look forward to serving you again in our existing and future locations.

    Kind regards,

    Cafe Crepe Inc.

  3. Kenny

    Kathaleen, I’m not often in West Seattle but will stop by the next time I’m in the area.

    Kerry, thanks for the note, it explains a lot. I’ve had consistently good experiences in Vancouver and was quite surprised in Seattle. I was indeed duped by their use of the logo, etc. Please let me know if you open a branch in Seattle, we could use a good, quick, crepe cafe!


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