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Three things to know about Gorditos: Arguably the best burritos in Seattle, prices are cheap, and portions are HUGE. They are famous for the portion sizes: like grande burritos the size of a small child (if you go they have a picture to prove it).

I’ve heard about Gorditos for years from numerous friends, and they always get a dreamy look in their eyes as they talk about it. But I don’t find myself in Greenwood very often. Today however, it was finally meant to be. LL and I were going to meet DeAnn for lunch in the Greenwood area, and I suggested we try Gorditos. DeAnn’s been looking for good Mexican food ever since she moved to Seattle in August and had so far come up with nada.

Parking in the area is a little tight (there are maybe 5 spots outside dedicated to Gorditos, but we found a spot just a few blocks away). While waiting in line we got to preview the more popular orders. Most were various burritos ordered “wet” (with red sauce and melted cheese on top).

burritos larger than your forearmWe also were able to witness the two sizes of burritos. The “regular” is what is pictured here. Split three ways we barely managed to finish it off. The “grande” is about 1.6 times the size (only $1 more!) and can supply most people with 3-4 solid meals. We ordered a “regular wet chicken burrito fajita-style” from the friendly cashier. Fajita-style means that in addition to the black beans, salsa, rice, sour cream, and chicken they add grilled onions and bell peppers.

The chicken is seasoned well and grilled fresh, and you definitely should spring for the “wet” burrito — the sauce is a little spicey and filled with chipotle flavor. Definitely worth a trip to Greenwood.

The atmosphere is fairly standard burrito-joint decor, with loud music playing in the background. You’ll need to speak up or order yours to go. But I’ve been told that the grande burrito will not completely fit into a takeout container 🙂

213 North 85th St.
Seattle, WA 98103
Wed-Mon 10:30am-9pm (Lunch and Dinner)

7 thoughts on “Gorditos (Seattle, WA)

  1. ralph

    Gordito’s is good, no question, but you do have to row with the flow. You cannot go there on a Thursday evening at 5:30 and expect to stand inside the restaurant in the order line. Second, it’s a family joint, and although I ended up liking the boy, he did try my patience a few times. 🙂

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  3. Terri

    This is T-H-E best ever! In the mexican food arena, the culmination of flavors, textures, and sensory appeal they produce cannot be touched anywhere — the end product, in whatever they prepare, is divine… Altho they’ve expanded greatly since first opening, their items are every bit as scrumptous and quality today as the day they first began… I’m living up north now, and I miss Gordito’s SO much! Way to go Marlena and Thomas! Can you open a Gordito’s in Bellingham? :o)

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