MS Arrowpoint Cafe (Charlotte, NC)


This week I’m offsite at the Microsoft campus in Charlotte. I’ve been hanging out with the Distributed Systems support team witnessing first-hand how we respond to customer issues. These guys are amazing with windbg. I feel like I’m in The Matrix, except instead of pointing out “blonde, brunette, …”, they look at the hex dumps and are pointing out “string, connection, heap corruption, …”

In some ways the buildings here in Charlotte are similar to what I’m used to in Redmond. But the cafeteria divurges (in a very positive manner) from the one at Augusta. In my hallway I’m notorious for side-stepping the cafeteria wherever possible. In North Carolina, I would be happy to take my lunch downstairs a few times weekly. Overall I was pleasantly surprised by my noon-time experiences here.

On Tuesday I cased the place, and saw some good looking tuna steaks at the grill station. It’s a relaxed atmosphere there, a far cry from the madness of main campus, and the kind grill lady seared the tuna steak for me and I enjoyed it atop a bed of fresh spinach:
grilled tuna steak

While I was waiting for the tuna, someone ordered a chicken cheesesteak. It was enticing, and so on Wednesday I branched out (before returning to the tuna again yesterday). Peppers, onions, lots of cheesy goodness. It wouldn’t hold up on the streets of Philly, but was well above expectations here, and bolstered my high opinions of our Charlotte office food. As a bonus, the arepa on the side was a solid combination of sweet corn and provolone.
chicken cheesesteak

Today I bid the Cafe adieu as Lou and the gang are taking me out for my last day out here. Then back home I’ll return to my off-site lunch tradition 🙂

Microsoft Arrowpoint
8055 Microsoft Way
Charlotte, NC 28273

Mon-Fri 7:30AM-10:00AM, 11:00AM-2:00PM (Breakfast & Lunch)

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