Liuzza's by the Track (New Orleans, LA)


Last night we went down to the French Quarter to see “…And the Ball and All” — a comedic farce about Mardi Gras. The evening started with some classic New Orleans fare: gumbo and poorboys. “Poorboy” (or “Po’ Boy”) is the locals term for a french roll filled with meat or seafood. A New Orleans hoagie if you will. According to the locals, the best places for po’ boys are all “hole in the wall”s. Liuzza’s is no exception.

It’s a dive near the train tracks a few blocks from where Jazz Fest is held. We squeaked in just before close (at 5PM), crowded around a small table, and ordered a bowl of gumbo and a pair of po’boys (fried oyster and barbeque shrimp). The gumbo was spicey and loaded with goodies (andouille sausage, chicken, shrimp, and oysters). The poorboys were definitely not for the feint of heart (medically speaking :)), but were tasty as can be. I was pleasantly surprised to discover “barbeque shrimp” in New Orleans doesn’t involve a tangy or vinegar-based sauce. Rather it’s more of a garlic-pepper sauce — think scampi on steroids with some extra pepper.

Liuzza’s by the Track
1518 North Lopez
New Orleans, LA 70119

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