Sudafed difficulties

meth?Probably due to the lovely Seattle November weather (i.e. 46 degress and rainy), I’m in the process of fighting a joyous head cold. To aid me in this process, I stopped by Rite Aid to pick up some Sudafed. All I could find was “Sudafed PE”. Finally I found a card for Sudafed to trade in at the pharmacy.

Turns out that while Sudafed is still non-presecription, a recent law requires you to have id checked so that you don’t run home and put it into your meth lab. God forbid you’re buying it because you have a cold, or want to make some jewelry.

You can get the non-Pseudoephedrine version on the shelf, but based on my 1 day side-by-side, I’ve found that phenylephrine is not nearly as effective.

The whole thing is reminiscent of the South Park cough syrup episode….

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