Somchanh Restaurant (Luang Prabang, Laos)


Sometimes the Lonely Planet steers you wrong, most often in the food department. Today’s lunch was one of those cases. We went to a Laos restaurant on the Mekong river, described as serving “the best choice of vegetarian Laos food in town.” Little did we realize how different “best choice of” is from “best". While there were indeed a lot of dishes without meat, the actual food was terrible. The fried yellow noodles with vegetables were only nominally better than cup o’ soup, and the “panang curry” was just coconut oil, coconut milk, chicken, and salt. No one should ever advertise this disappointing bland, white sauce as curry. I was too disappointed with the curry to even snap a photo. At least the view was nice.

Mekong river view
Lauren and the Mekong

Fried yellow noodles with vegetables
Fried yellow noodles with vegetables

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