Cre’art (Pondicherry, India)


Lauren and I spent some time shopping this afternoon. By 16:30 I needed a break for a snack. Conveniently enough, we were at a shop with an attached cafe. Lunch #2 consisted of a thali with  your choice of 6 salads, bread, a drink, tea or coffee, and a sweet.

The French proprietor makes her own hibiscus and mint syrups, so we had a hibiscus soda to start:


For our thali, we  chose the tomato salad, ratatouille, shredded beets + garlic, shredded carrot salad, cucumbers and curd, and pomegranate seeds.


To conclude, we had a very nice mint tea served with a mini cashew brittle. Tasty, light, and total cost of 150 Rs (about $3). What’s not to like?

53 Suffren Street
Pondicherry, India
+91 413-4200258

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