And so it begins…

I’m back on the internet with a mission to reclaim my good name in google (right now the top match for “Kenny Wolf” is a machinery auction from ’01).

The last time I had my own website was in college, back in the days before CSS and WordPress. Back then I thought that personal “home pages” were a passing fad, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. With some fabulous tools support, blogging is all the rage (Mom, it’s short for “web log”, the new form of online personal diaries).

So here I am. I expect to post a lot about Indigo, the Xml Web Services platform I’m working on at Microsoft. We had a customer event last week, and as you might expect there were a bunch of questions that weren’t addressed by the documentation. And now that we’ve made an early version of Indigo publicly available, I can start doing my part to help our customers.

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