The Indigo "Foundation"

Today we announced the official names for Indigo, Avalon, and our ship vehicle (formerly known as “WAP” or “Windows API Pack”).

It has been decreed that Indigo will henceforth be known as the Windows Communication Foundation. But don’t be surprised if I continue to refer to it as “Indigo” for a little while 🙂

To round out the batch, Avalon is dubbed the Windows Presentation Foundation, and we are all part of the WinFX Runtime Components.

In related news, Windows Vista Beta 1 is now available for MSDN subscribers, and the official Beta 1 drop of WinFx Runtime Components (eerily similar to our May CTP) is also available.

Lastly, check out Windows Vista Developer Center to see lots of pretty pictures and learn how the new branding of Longhorn will bring new clarity to your world 😉

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