Tilth Brunch (Seattle, WA)


About a year ago, Vidya introduced me to brunch at Tilth. It was delicious, and Lauren and I have reminisced about the chicken and biscuits on multiple occasions. Yet for some reason we had only been back for dinner since. Until this morning.

We were heading to brunch with Dan and Leslie, and mentioned that they need to check out Tilth (which is right in their neighborhood). On a whim, Dan called them on the spot, they had room, and we headed over.

Between the four of us I got a good sample, and fell in love with three of the four dishes.

I had the bourbon vanilla French toast. Tilth makes their French toast with challah, so it’s very light and the bing cherry compote complements the dish perfectly, resulting in a slightly tart, just sweet enough French toast that caused both Dan and Leslie to remark “this is the best French toast I’ve ever had.”  I can’t disagree 🙂

Dan ordered the chicken and biscuits. They were as sinful and tasty as I remembered, and by far the most substantial dish on the menu.

Lauren went towards the lunch selections and had the duck burgers. We’ve had the duck burgers at dinner multiple times, and they did not fail to impress yet again. Three perfectly cooked medium rare burgers, each served on mini-brioche with house made condiments.

The one disappointment was the vegetable gratin. Leslie was in the mood for macaroni, but the result was a ho-hum dish that I wouldn’t order again.

Again no pictures due to our dead Elph, but I’ll grab some on my next brunch trip to Tilth, which I guarantee will be soon! 🙂

1411 N. 45th St. (right next to Chili Pepper)
Seattle, WA 98103

Brunch: Sat & Sun 10:00AM-2:00PM
Dinner: Daily 5:00PM-10:00PM (Fri & Sat until 10:30PM)

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