5 thoughts on “Restaurants I want to check out

  1. Dan Glick

    Sitka is great, but you need to either get there a few minutes before opening (there’s always a line), or stop by after opening and put your name on the list for the second seating.

    I hadn’t heard of Oddfellows or Joule, definitely have to try them both.

  2. Kenny

    Went to Oddfellows tonight, definitely worth checking out.
    Reviews on Yelp for Joule and Spinasse are very mixed, but they also tore up Oddfellows, so who knows.

  3. John Costello

    Elemental is my favorite Seattle restaurant. If you don’t manage to get a seat there you can go next door to Elemental Next Door, which has more seating and a different (smaller, marginally cheaper) menu and bigger wine selection; but the food is just as good.

  4. Kenny

    Definitely need to get to Elemental, I’ve heard many great things. i enjoyed both Sitka and Spinasse a lot.

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