Off to the Glaciers

Off for vacation for a week with the family. Leaving on an Alaskan cruise out of Vancouver. Will report back with pictures and stories of dog sledding and glacial kayaking! 🙂

Serenade of the Seas route

6 thoughts on “Off to the Glaciers

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  2. ghadak

    which cruise line did you take?we just came back from a cruise on the same route,with Diamond Princess, and it was great. may be i will put some pics from our trip soon.did you take a flight ove the Glacier? our flight was cancelled due to bad whether, and we were very unhappy about it

  3. Kenny

    We took Royal Carribean (Serenade of the Seas). We went dog sledding, but did not get a flight over the glacier. Next time I want to take a helicopter to land on the glacier and hike around.


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