PDC 2008

I’ve gone dark on the technical side of this blog for two main reasons:

  1. Most of what I’m working on hasn’t been publicly disclosed
  2. I’m prepping for PDC 2008 where I can finally discuss the past 2 years of my life without an NDA 🙂

If you want to see the latest and greatest Microsoft technologies that we’ve been cooking up, register now, and then mark your schedule for my talk:

Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0: A First Look

Programs coordinate work. The code for coordination and state management often obscures a program’s purpose. Learn how programming with Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 4.0 provides clarity of intent while preserving the functional richness of the .NET framework. See how easy it is to build workflows with the new Visual Studio workflow designer. Learn about text-based authoring options for WF. Hear how WF integrates well with other Microsoft technologies (WCF, WPF, ASP.NET). If you’ve looked at WF before, come and see the changes to data flow, composition, and new control flow styles. Significant improvements to usability, composability, and performance make Workflow a great fit for a broad range of solutions on both the client and the server.

Other great (and related) talks include Doug Purdy‘s Lap Around Oslo, Matt‘s Building WF Activities session, and Ed‘s chocolate & peanut butter talk on WCF+WF.

41 days and counting…

3 thoughts on “PDC 2008

  1. Brian Bennewitz

    I attended your PDC session WF 4.0 today (excellent, btw) and had a strong sense of ‘where do I know that name’ until you mentioned having working for Mac Office. Back then, I was a QA intern in MacBU for PowerPoint. It was HR’s policy at the time, if one wanted to change job functions, to meet with someone in your desired role to discuss the day to day responsibilities of the role. Though I don’t expect you to necessarily remember the probably 50 words we exchanged, I met with you about the developer role. What you *may* remember, if you happened to be at the all-hands meeting in question, was my ‘exit presentation’ for the end of my internship that summer which consisted of a anecdotal PowerPoint with screencaps from the then-contemporary movie The Matrix. In any case, I did two subsequent internships thereafter in Redmond (rather than CA) as a developer in Visual Studio and then took a full time position therein for two more years (aliases t-brianb and BrianBen, #125714) until the gloom of Seattle wore on me and I decided to move back to Chicago where I am still developing compiler related tools with Microsoft technologies. In any case, I found your ‘Matrix’ reference in the session today to be an extremely bizarre coincidence but didn’t feel like competing with the horde to speak with you afterwards so I thought I’d relate this history here and share that old presentation should you be interested. I have it up on my otherwise largely defunct site at: ‘www.bleedink.com/docs/Matrix.ppt’. You seem to be moving up in the world (Indigo, WF); gratz! I too am doing well, and though I benefit from my MS history, I felt that they did little besides exploit my talents when I worked there directly (which they seem to acknowledge only in hindsight); the exception being the MacBU folks. I just thought you should know that our extremely brief interaction was one of several cornerstones in my very successful career. Thank you! Nearly a stranger, ~BrianB

  2. SN


    i am testing the PDC2008 VM including VS2010 and .NET 4.0.
    But i can’t find the WF 4.0 Items which you are using for samples during your presentation
    (WF 4.0: A First Look). Could you tell me where I can find WF 4.0 project templates or the
    WF 4.0 toolbox items?

    Kind regards

  3. Kenny

    SN, the WF templates should be available on both the PDC 2008 VM and the ‘Oslo VM’ (the Oslo VM does have slightly more recent bits). The PDC samples I used are not on the VPC (I had hacked them together on my box directly). Note that our Beta1 is coming out relatively soon, so you may want to wait for that (lots and lots of bug fixed and feature polish involved :))


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