22 Doors (Seattle, WA)


When 22 Doors first opened, it was a delight. Friendly staff with inventive and tasty food. Brunch was a hit with their sweet potato pancakes and crab melt croissants. Dinner had delectable fish, great pastas, a great burger, and an awesome grilled cheese with tomato soup. The food was more expensive then your typical bar, but so was the quality (and it was well worth it).

Unfortunately, since last summer the food and service have steadily declined. I want to still like 22 Doors, I really do. They are located a stone’s throw from my backyard. But their new chef is uninspired, and their servers are forgetful and perpetually understaffed. While the decor hasn’t changed, the dining experience is now an overpriced disappointment.

Last night we had their "Mediterranean feast", which is a plate of hummus with pita, cucumbers, tomatoes, and olives. The hummus had a ton of tahini, but was decent enough and the vegetables were crisp and fresh (though it shouldn’t have taken over 30 min to arrive). On to the main course. I used to unequivocally recommend their burger. The last time I had it was a letdown, but it was during brunch and I chalked it up to the Sunday brunch chef not having a clue.  Alas, really it’s just that the burger is now just a $12 ho-hum burger. Time for me to find a new quality burger on the hill.

Overall 22 Doors is way too expensive for what you get on the dining front. But they do have a nice patio, and a warm fireplace in the winter that make it a good drink stop on 15th.

22 Doors
405 15th Avenue E (between Harrison and Republican)
Seattle, WA 98112

Daily: 5:00PM-2:00AM (Dinner)
Sat-Sun: 10:00AM-3:00PM (Brunch)

2 thoughts on “22 Doors (Seattle, WA)

  1. Dan S

    The chicken breast with peach was very well executed, but ridiculously small – basically one chicken breast and a spoonful of jam for $20. Disappointing.

  2. Kenny

    Agreed. I had a _much_ better chicken at Lark for nominally less. And a bigger portion (from a place that is intended to be small-medium plates!)


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