Diddy Riese (Los Angeles, CA)


When Lauren‘s Mom moved to West LA, I was introduced to a little ice cream shop near UCLA.  They advertise snow cones, cookies, and ice cream on the menu.  But what has made Diddy Riese famous was their $1 ice cream sandwiches: two freshly baked cookies with a scoop of ice cream sandwiched beteen them. 

It’s a simple formula really, but their execution is flawless. Even after their price increase to $1.50 they’re still a bargain (the price increase was accompanied by a very apologetic note that explained the economics of the dairy industry and how a new contract requires some costs to be regrettably be passed along to the customer). You can choose two different cookies for the top and bottom if you’d like and choose from an assortment of Dreyer’s flavors.

After my first hit I was hooked, and since then Diddy Riese has become a necessary stop anytime I visit LA (its one block proximity to an In and Out makes for a tasty fast-food combo visit). 

The “classic sandwich” is oatmeal raisin cookies with vanilla ice cream. Today I had chocolate chip cookies with strawberry ice cream. Soft, fresh from the oven cookies. Ice cream soft enough for a sandwich but cold enough to avoid a quick melt.  There are few better things I can imagine on a sunny LA afternoon.


Diddy Riese
926 Broxton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 208-0448

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