Thai Tom Faceoff, Round 2

Eight months ago, Lauren and I started on an NCAA-style tournament through the 16 dishes on Thai Tom’s menu. Today began round 2, and I expect the last few meals to come out in rapid succession. This is an inexact science, as 3 chefs rotate through Thai Tom’s burners. For example, while #10 was a clear favorite based on previous tastings, today it fell short. Was it due to the change in chefs? A bad delivery of eggplant? Who knows, but it just didn’t have the gusto needed to hold up against the sassy Swimming Rama’s peanut sauce.

It is becoming clear that there are two classes of dishes at Thai Tom (Division I and Division II if you will). Dishes such as Sweet and Sour Chicken are solidly in division II, and Garlic Beansprouts is permanently disqualified (a mini-dead kenny for it). If we decide to re-stage the tournament again, we would restrict entry to Division I (I’ll provide a full breakdown when all is said and done). A recap of the current state of affairs follows:

Thai Tom Tournament

UPDATE (04/11/2007): After a break for Passover, Panang Curry handly overran #4 (Thai Sauce Chicken) as the quarter finals continue.

UPDATE (04/17/2007): Cashew Chicken cruised to an easy win over the popular, but less exciting, Pad Thai.

UPDATE (04/24/2007): Completing round 2 was a close match between #9 and #12. At the end the garlic was king for Garlic Pepper Chicken.

UPDATE (05/02/2007): They were out of Panang Curry (next time I’m instituting a forfeit rule!). So it was a back-to-back Garlic Pepper Chicken appearance, but it was no match for Cashew Chicken.

UPDATE (05/12/2007): In the closest match yet, Panang Curry squeaked by Swimming Rama (probably #1 and #2 seeds in next year’s match :))

UPDATE (06/20/2007): The winner of the 2006-07 Thai Tom crown is….Panang Curry!

4 thoughts on “Thai Tom Faceoff, Round 2

  1. Wayne

    Kenny…i have a dish that hopefully they have and could be thrown in the mix – Massaman Curry…from the southern areas of Thailand – a little muslim influence…yellow curry with potato and is amazing with tofu and chicken…or veggie…good stuff…see if they have it 🙂

  2. Chris Han

    Wow. I wish I knew the outcome but I’m going there tonight. I guess it’s the swimming rama for me.

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