Remedy Teas on Capitol Hill

Last night Lauren and I passed by a very unique new hangout that’s opened up near our place: Remedy Teas. It’s a very comfortable space that not only has 150+ teas (they can give Typhoon a run for their money), but they also serve food, cocktails (some with tea in them), and locally made chocolates by Ivy Chan.

We were just quickly poking our heads in to check out Remedy Teas on the way back from the video store, so a full review is forthcoming later. We did walk away with a signature “Coco Chai” truffle which was fantastic. They also have a tea sampling bar at the front. The one tea I tried was very complex and savory.

It’s tucked away downstairs on the southwest corner of Republican and 15th, and is very easy to miss as you walk on by (this space has a laundry list of failed businesses in the past due to this issue). The front staff were very nice and sociable, and whether you are into tea or not I’d suggest stopping by and checking it out as Remedy Teas seems like a local business worth keeping around!

Remedy Teas
345 15th Ave E (at Republican)
Seattle, WA 98112

Daily: 7:00AM-11:00PM

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