Rosebud (Seattle, WA) – CLOSED


I’m a little biased here: Rosebud will always hold a special place in my heart as the location of my first date with Lauren. It’s a cozy neighborhood restaurant with friendly staff and consistently good (occasionally amazing) dishes on the menu. They also have a great weekend brunch and created one of my favorite summer cocktails: Raspberry Lemonade (simply Raspberry Stoli + Lemonade).

Our original destination tonight was Via Tribunali. However, they haven’t lost any of their luster with the crowds: at 9PM on a Wednesday the wait was still 45-60 minutes. We politely declined and walked the two blocks east to Rosebud.

At the waitress’ recommendation we started with the Duck Confit Salad. It was an absolute delight. The duck was tender and did not overpower the rest of the salad (a common failing). The napa cabbage was fresh, crunchy, and complemented by toasted hazelnuts and a sesame-ginger vinaigrette.

Entree#1: Steelhead salmon atop a spinach rissoto cake and tomato ragout. The salmon was prepared well — a simple rub+grill preparation leading to a smooth oily texture and bringing out the natural flavors of the fish which were paired well with the ragout. The spinach risotto was too weird for my taste — two flavors that didn’t mesh well in my mouth. But to quote my lovely wife “it did look pretty!”

Entree#2: Roasted chicken breast stuffed with wild mushrooms and goat cheese, atop sage polenta with swiss chard. I really enjoyed the sage polenta — creamy with fresh herb flavoring. The chard was well seasoned and sauteed, far preferable to the infused risotto. The chicken itself was a bit disappointing. There was very little stuffing, resulting in a few really tasty bites of stuffed chicken along with many more boring bits of roasted chicken. Not to say that the chicken wasn’t well executed, but it was simply roasted chicken for much of the dish. Next time, more stuffing!

Overall Rosebud is a worthwhile consideration for a low-stress casual, yet special, night out.

719 East Pike St (at Harvard)
Seattle, WA 98122

Daily: 5:00PM-10:00PM (Dinner)
Sat-Sun: 9:00AM-2:00PM (Brunch)

TIP: Rosebud is on the Microsoft Prime card: card holders receive two entrees for the price of one.

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