Greenlake Bar and Grill (Seattle, WA)


Tonight LL and I headed to the border of Greenlake and Ravenna to check out DeAnn’s new digs. Dinner plans entailed a quest to find a local restaurant for DeAnn to try. After an abortive attempt down Roosevelt to the Blue Onion Bistro (turns out they’re closed Sunday evenings), we made a loop around Greenlake’s east shore, settling in at the Greenlake Bar and Grill.

It looked like a nice spot — outdoor seating and an airy interior. Unfortunately the rest of our dining experience didn’t measure up to that initial impression. Our hostess told us our table would be about 10 minutes, and then promptly forgot about us. We took a quick self-tour and when we returned to the hostess desk she asked “Can I help you? Party of 2?” Never mind that we had just told her there were 3 of us just moments prior. No matter, we pressed on and were seated outdoors on the comfortable patio. Our waiter forgot about us for about 20 minutes, but when we finally placed our orders the food arrived quickly. The dishes were, on the whole, forgettable. My blackened fish tacos had good chunks of meat and decent flavoring, but no real kick as I would expect from a blackening rub (perhaps I was spoiled by our lunch at Gorditos earlier today). Lauren’s chicken sandwich was also just so-so, with a decently grilled chicken breast on a bun that tasted like Wonderbread and underwhelming “wasabi aioli”. I’ve gotten better Hummus and Baba Ghanoush from a can then we had with the Mediterranean Platter. Price-wise, the only thing that kept our bill somewhat reasonable was the 2-for-1 deal we have on the PRIME card.

All in all it dealt with the hunger pangs, and the outdoor seating was an enjoyable place to converse, but I’ll pass on by the Greenlake Bar and Grill next time I’m in the neighborhood.

Greenlake Bar and Grill
7200 E Greenlake Drive North
Seattle, WA

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