Crépes A-Go-Go


Lauren and her savory crepeWhen Lauren takes me to Berkeley, there are two must haves on the “Eat Berkeley” tour. Both are right near campus, quick, cheap, and yummy. The first is Crêpes A-Go-Go — a little place that serves (as you might expect) lots of crêpes. The savory crêpes make for a great breakfast, light lunch, or snack. Lauren is showing off the “house special” (turkey, spinach, egg, and swiss). When ordering an egg crêpe you should know that the eggs aren’t scrambled, they’re fried (with the yolk cooked in the middle of the white). It was yummy, but next time I’ll ditch the egg and stick with turkey (or spinach), mushroom and cheese.

Vid and her dessert crepeThey also have perfect choices for satisfying your sweet tooth, such as the chocolate & fresh strawberries crêpe that Vid ordered (be sure to request the fresh strawberries). It’s best to go here with friends so you can sample both the sweet and savory options!

Crêpes A-Go-Go
2334 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, California 94704

Mon-Sat 8:00AM-10:00PM
Sun 8:00AM-9:00PM

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