Monthly Archives: April 2005

A little history

Before I joined Indigo in 2001, I worked on Office for the Macintosh. So it was really easy to describe my job to my Mom. Explaining what I do as the tech lead for Transports and Channels takes a little more time. For while she’s familiar with Word and Outlook, if I mentioned Named Pipes and TCP I might as well be speaking in Klingon. So here it goes:

Indigo is a communication platform, that developers use to write computer programs that exchange information with other programs (on the same machine, across the internet, etc). Programs send Messages to each other over Channels. I’m responsible for making sure these Channels get the Messages from A to B .

For my Mom, I tell her that Bill thinks it’s important and we stop there. For this blog, we can now begin.

And so it begins…

I’m back on the internet with a mission to reclaim my good name in google (right now the top match for “Kenny Wolf” is a machinery auction from ’01).

The last time I had my own website was in college, back in the days before CSS and WordPress. Back then I thought that personal “home pages” were a passing fad, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. With some fabulous tools support, blogging is all the rage (Mom, it’s short for “web log”, the new form of online personal diaries).

So here I am. I expect to post a lot about Indigo, the Xml Web Services platform I’m working on at Microsoft. We had a customer event last week, and as you might expect there were a bunch of questions that weren’t addressed by the documentation. And now that we’ve made an early version of Indigo publicly available, I can start doing my part to help our customers.